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    September 13, 2022 at 3:58 AM

    Two maps provided are of the village of Ryemouth in the year 1995 and it’s present view after certain modifications.

    Overall, it is evident that as years passed, though the transport facility, hotel, and café remained unchanged, the green area from Reymouth village as well as the fish markets had vanished completely for the erection of apartments and entertainment facilities.

    Village of Ryemouth has a road-transit option, which longs from the north-west corner to the south coastal border. At present, this roadway has an extended middle-sideway to the west. Moreover, throughout the sideway, some more resident spaces are introduced in addition to the houses that are parallel to the straight road in 1995. Similarly, as the population increased, the village of Ryemouth had also erected 4 apartments near to the south coastal road by demolishing the fish market and fishing port of the year 1995.

    On the north-east village area, in 1995, it had a huge farmland and forest park. But this however vanished now for the sake of a golf park and tennis court. Though these alterations had occurred in the Ryemouth village, the café on the south-east seashore and the hotel located on the east had been retained with an addition of a car parking facility for the latter.

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