• Comprehensive IELTS online preparatory course.
  • Recommended for those who have no experience with average English Skills.
  • Full length course for optimal preparation of the test.
  • Target score of 7.5 overall.


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8 Weeks

13-15 hours per week

32 Live Sessions

44 hours lectures+44 hours assignments

10 Mock Tests

Access to Practice Portal

About The Course

IELTS is the world’s most popular English language test for those wanting to study or migrate to an English-speaking country.

This IELTS course will prepare you to take the IELTS Academic/General tests with confidence. You will have immediate access to over 22 hours of interactive live sessions covering each of the four skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing.

This course’s entertaining multimedia presentations review important test-taking abilities, tactics, and procedures in each of its sections. These are supplemented by a wide range of real IELTS-style exercises and interactive activities that offer targeted preparation for the abilities, methods, and approaches you require to perform at your peak.

Course Particulars

  • 60 Day/8 Weeks Course 
  • 44+ Hours of Live Classes
  • 160+ Real IELTS Test Papers
  • 10 Full Length Mock Tests
  • Access To Forums and Discussions
  • All Modules Included

In addition:

  • Study Material
  • IELTS CBT Platform Access
  • Free Study Abroad Consultation


  • This course is meant for people who have no experience with IELTS and:
  • Who hold above average English communication skills.
  • If you are not the first time test taker, we recommend looking at IELTS Platinum Course.
  • If your English skills are very weak, and you have problems, even making simple sentences correctly, we offer IELTS Foundation course.

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Module 1: Listening

An overview of the IELTS Listening Test and its components opens the module. This will provide you with crucial information about this module and what it is intended to evaluate. The variations between each segment of the IELTS Listening Test and the kinds of questions you’ll have to respond to will next be explained. Additionally, you’ll have the chance to practise these kinds of questions and develop the necessary skills.

Module 2: Speaking

The many components of the Speaking Test are described in this module. We concentrate on some of the grammar that you can use to talk about your likes and dislikes in order to prepare for Part 1 of the Speaking Test. We’ll also provide you with some samples of how you might lengthen your responses. The “Individual Long Turn” will subsequently be the main focus of Test Part 2. We’ll discuss how to analyse the assignment successfully and how to structure your ideas so that your lecture has a strong beginning and conclusion. We shall concentrate on “The Discussion” for the test’s third component. You will learn some of the common grammar rules you need for success in the conversation, as well as vocabulary linked to typical Part 3 subjects. Focusing on tenses and drawing parallels are examples of this. We’ll cover several techniques for improving your pronunciation later in the unit. You can see recordings of students taking various test sections in this module to learn from them.

Module 3: Reading

An overview of the IELTS Reading Test and its components opens this module. This will provide you with crucial details regarding the test’s assessment objectives and the various question types that are employed. There will be chances for you to put your newly acquired talents into practise.

Module 4: Writing

An overview of the IELTS Writing Test and its components opens the module. The two tasks that make up the test will next be discussed. You’ll study the many types of visuals, how to identify and explain the topic and major elements of these visuals, how to compose an overview paragraph to summarise the essential details, and other skills in preparation for Task 1. Then, we’ll look at describing data for Test Task 1. You’ll discover how to choose and organise information as well as the terminology to utilise when describing data. We’ll also examine the terminology used to indicate the paragraphing of thoughts. Additionally, you can practise writing the opening and data description paragraphs for this module, which you can grade using our new evaluation criteria. You can also ask your peers for feedback on your writing and provide it using the IELTSx criteria. In order to help you complete Task 2’s essay component, we’ll look at the essay question in more detail. We’ll also look at organising and preparing strategies. We’ll also break down the various components of an IELTS essay, examine three potential Task 2 task types in further depth, and describe how each is graded. Then, we’ll discuss how to write an effective essay with a clear framework and suitable language. You’ll get the option to practise writing an introduction, body, and conclusion along the process and submit them for evaluation by other IELTSx students. Additionally, practise editing and proofreading will be done.

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