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  • Nida

    September 29, 2022 at 7:40 PM

    Financial literacy should be included as an important life skill subject in high school curriculum. This essay agrees with the argument as learning money management at an early age lays the foundation of a thriving future.

    When children are young all their needs are met by their parents hence, they never have to worry about the financials of it. They don’t get an insight into money planning which is an important skill they need to learn before facing the real world. Therefore, financial planning should be taught early so that by the time the young people are earning their own money they are aware of the importance of managing it too. Recently, in a study it was observed that kids who were taught money management spend their pocket money more judicially as compared to their counterparts who were not. They bought the things they really needed and were even able to save a bit at the end of month too.

    Once the youngsters start their careers, funds management skills are detrimental in having a planning successful future. If young people lack important financial expertise, they will never know how to save for a rainy day. They will overspend on things they don’t need and might land in financial troubles if any unforeseen situation arises. Managing one’s finances is also important for staying financially independent and not being left high and dry in difficult times.

    Teaching kids the importance of money early will help them in making correct decisions with money later in their lives too. Not only will they understand the damages of being a spendthrift but will learn to become self reliant quiet early on. Furthermore, this skill will help them in their own stability and later will contribute greatly in country’s economic growth too.

    In conclusion, financial literacy as a subject should be made mandatory in every school curriculum. This will help save young people from any financial disruption and pave a path for a successful future.

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