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National Institute of Language offers variety of different courses on different levels of CEFR. We follow the international standards in the classes as well as a certification training. You are at the right place to learn the foreign language of your choice.

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French Language CEFR Level A1-B2

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German Language CEFR Level A1-B2

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Spanish Language CEFR Level A1-B2

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Learning on the international standards

National Institute of language prides its self on the quality training and strict adherence to the international standards set by the authority. Expert guidance along with excellent support system makes for a comprehensive learning experience.
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The benefits of learning foreign languages are multiplying as the world gets more globalised, and bilingualism is today considered to be one of the most useful real-world skills that has ever existed, rather than simply being a cool party trick to impress friends.

IELTS + Foreign Language

Special programmes for permanent residency candidates

India’s best online classes for foreign languages. Prepare for your next trip or an application to permanent residency or simply add a new skill to your resume with online foreign language classes with NIL.

Foreign languages online classes for Spanish French and German in India best online classes for French language best online classes for German language best online classes for Spanish language

Why Foreign Languages With NIL?

To consider making the effort to acquire a foreign language rather than simply expecting the world to accommodate your monolingualism indicates that you are a member of an exceptionally uncommon breed. With the appropriate method and mindset, you will be able to blossom into the amazing polyglot you desire to be in no time.

Learn With Confidence

Certified trainers

All NIL trainers are certified from relevant authorities to teach the foreign languages the excel in. Quality is our top priority.

International CEFR standard

All the languages are taught according to the international standard CEFR. Common European framework for reference dictates how proficient you are in the language.

Getting started is easy

When it comes to learning a foreign language, it is all about learning how to properly communicate and connect with others—an enormously crucial life skill that can only be developed via direct interaction with others. You can practise your new superhuman power of being able to understand what someone is saying, recall the appropriate vocab and grammar, place that vocab and grammar into the proper context, and respond back—all on the spot and in a timely manner—when you master a foreign language. You’ve made a connection. That is, after all, what it is all about.

So, what exactly is the point of learning a foreign language?

Essentially, the benefits of learning a foreign language have the power to position you for success in practically every element of your personal and professional life. Take a look at these seven compelling arguments for learning a foreign language:Foreign languages online classes for Spanish French and German in India best online classes for French language best online classes for German language best online classes for Spanish language

1. Learning a foreign language is a glamorous endeavour.

Hearing someone speak a foreign language, with its warmth and luscious sounds, is like hearing the sound of gold rushing in to embrace you. Speaking a foreign language is highly appealing, and it can enhance your attractiveness, curiosity, and intelligence by giving you an impression of sophistication and sophistication. The Spanish accent of Penélope Cruz or the Italian accent of Monica Bellucci are just a couple of examples of how many individuals find a certain language or accent to be quite seductive.

Learn a foreign language, and you might just find yourself fascinated and lured to your exotic prowess by that certain someone. Many people are attracted to more romantic languages such as Spanish, the language of unending love, which contains rhythm that can make anyone swoon, or suave French, which is soft as silk and feels warm as a lover’s stroke; and Italian, which rubs your ears into bliss. The rich textures of practically any foreign language, on the other hand, can be immensely enticing to men.


2. Learning a foreign language makes travelling less expensive and more convenient.

It’s ten o’clock at night. Just after landing from a 14-hour flight, all you want to do is fall asleep face-first into your pillow. It is possible that locating a spot to crash if you are only equipped with a few navigational terms in the local language will be a painfully tedious procedure if you are not fluent in the language. If you don’t know the correct jargon, you’ll be confined to more expensive or slower solutions. When learning a foreign language, you can save yourself a lot of time, money, and heartache by doing so. The same way that a few key phrases may make transit that much faster and less expensive, the same is true when it comes to choosing a location to live. This translates into lower pricing and a better (and even more realistic) experience for customers.

3. Learning a foreign language opens the door to a plethora of employment opportunities.

It’s no secret that learning a foreign language can help you boost your job prospects in the long run. A greater number of organisations than ever before are conducting business in several—and often dozens of—countries throughout the world, but they can’t do so unless they hire employees who are fluent in at least one foreign language. Even at small, local businesses, the ability to communicate in a second language is likely to set you apart from other candidates in the hiring process. Moreover, in an increasingly competitive labour market, why not offer yourself every potential advantage?


4. Learning a new language stimulate brain.

Number of studies show that learning a new language has cognitive benefits. A bilingual brain is more creative, better at problem solving and has a larger memory than monolinguals. These benefits not only make learning new languages easier, but learning anything. In today’s hectic multitasking world, rapid task switching is critical. Bilinguals can switch tasks faster and handle more tasks simultaneously than monolinguals.

5. Make significant friends while learning a new language.

Meeting new people and making lifetime friends are worthy goals, and learning a new language is a surefire method to achieve them. Language helps us express ourselves, connect with others, and build meaningful connections. Speaking a foreign language not only broadens your social circle, but it also helps you connect with native speakers. Plus, speaking a foreign language is like communicating with new friends in code. This isn’t a flawless Enigma machine, but it can help make discussing Friday night’s drunkenness less embarrassing.


6. Learning a new language broadens your horizons.

Foreign language studies is part of a liberal arts education. Educating is leading out of imprisonment, narrowness, and darkness. Learning a new language and immersing oneself in a new culture and perspective is the surest way to become an open-minded, understanding, accepting person. Once you realise that we are all cultural beings, products of our circumstances, and that your own attitudes and behaviours are culturally based, you are ready to see others in a more positive perspective. Understanding where you and others come from is a terrific, eye-opening experience.


7. Learning a foreign language helps you comprehend your own culture.

Learning a foreign language might help you better comprehend your own local tongue and culture. A foreign language might help you in unforeseen ways. You will become more aware of your first language’s grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation patterns. This explains why learning a second language improves monolinguals’ hearing, reading, and writing skills.

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IELTS Preparation
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IELTS Academic Study at a university or college at undergraduate or postgraduate level. IELTS Academic is for people planning to study in higher education. Or, for example, if you seek professional registration. This test assesses if you're ready to begin studying or training where English is the language used.
IELTS General IELTS General Training measures English language proficiency in a practical, everyday context. The tasks and tests reflect both workplace and social situations.
Spoken English
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Spoken English Group Classes Learn spoken English in group classes with expert trainers certified by British Council and Cambridge. Join the course to remove your hesitation of public speaking
Spoken English Personal Training If you want more personalised classes to improve your communication skills in English you can join National Institute of Language's spoken English personal training sessions.
Business English-Advanced If you are looking to improve your communication skills for Business Communication this is the best course for you.
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Spoken English Classes If you want to give your child experience of communicating with a group of people while participating in learning activities, this is the best platform to do that.
Foreign Language
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French Classes French is an official language in 29 countries across multiple continents. French is also one of six official languages used in the United Nations.
German Classes German is one of the major languages of the world. It is the most spoken native language within the European Union.
Spanish Classes As a Romance language, Spanish is a descendant of Latin and has one of the smaller degrees of difference from it

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