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  • Sachin

    November 1, 2022 at 7:01 AM

    In majority of the countries, Administration contributes tax payers money for the religious and national holidays, it is often argued that this is just the waste of financial wealth. I completely disagree with this opinion and thinks that this financial support from the government helps in our economy.

    In today’s world cutting edge era, people are busy in the hustle-bustle of their life; they may tend to forget our historical roots and culture which can lead to the extinction of this heritage for our grandsons. Attention paid towards this concern by the authorities is appreciable. These official holidays gives time for social gatherings, family meet ups and gives leisure time for the calibration of festivals which then triggers a overall happy society.

    This not only helps socially but also contributes economically to our country. This expenditure circulates to our economy resulting in the economical boost, extra revenue for online stores and even more earnings for the local shop owners giving extra cash for their family, generating so many new employments for unemployed poor people in this festival time. For example, a research done by students of IIT Kanpur states that in month of may, which has maximum number of festival, poverty rate decreases drastically, and helps in India’s GDP.

    To conclude, expenditure done by the officials is contributing directly to our economic welfare of the society and helps to preserve our heritage and culture for future generations.

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