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  • isha

    December 18, 2022 at 10:09 PM


    – Well tried.

    -paragraphing is right.

    – Repetition of ideas and words.

    -Use synonyms

    – Use variety of sentences.

    Nowadays, more and more people are getting updated with current affairs through social media. However, there are groups of individuals who believe in getting information from traditional sources such as newspapers. I completely disagree with this statement that newspapers will remain a prominent source of information for the majority of people. And I believe that there are many great sources that can replace the newspaper completely in the coming years.

    Newspapers are becoming a thing of the past. The major drawback of newspapers is that they do not come up with the latest news; information from the newspaper is already days old when we get to read it. On the other hand, online sources of news can provide us with the latest news and information from time to time. Another drawback of newspapers over social media is their lack of convenience. Newspapers are not convenient at all; they are not handy like smartphones; we cannot carry them everywhere with us, and we cannot open them anywhere and start to read them. But that’s not the case for digital media; you can carry your smartphone anywhere with you and access the news from every corner of the world.

    But there is a group of people who still love to consume information through print media. Newspapers are still a popular source of information for the older generation. The reason for the popularity of newspapers among the older generation is that they are not that tech-savvy. They still love the old ways to get things done. On the other hand, the majority of people, especially the new generation, love to get informed through social media. They are not very comfortable reading newspapers; what they like is interactive news, which they can get through social media or other digital media.

    In conclusion, digital media has the upper hand over newspapers in every way, and in the coming years, it will completely replace them and become the preferred source of information for everyone.

    Bands – 3/6

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