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  • Kumudini

    January 2, 2023 at 11:30 PM

    In the current digital era, Internet has evolved into the most significant aspect of our daily life. Currently the virtual newspapers are on the rise, while traditional newspapers are becoming obsolete. I firmly believe that despite newspapers still being the primary source of information, people will begin to turn to internet news.

    First and foremost, reading news online has the advantage of being easily available and convenient to read. Digital news on the internet is refreshed on a continuous basis whereas newspaper limit the freshness in the content. Additionally, due to the busy schedule, it is more suitable for individuals to read news according to their own time. News seekers may be able to locate the relevant news with only one swipe on their smartphones rather than waiting for the next morning’s newspaper.

    Second, in my perspective, Newspapers’ have damaging effects on the environment. The process of making newspaper is causing environmental harm from beginning to end. Despite the fact that paper is quite relatively simple to recycle, 55 percent of worldwide paper is from newly cut trees. However, computerized news does not require all of those aspects in order to be published. As a result, considered environmentally friendly. One of the most obvious advantages of online reporting is its worldwide reach. Global citizens may stay updated with current happenings.

    To conclude, while newspapers remain a popular and essential source of information, online news will eventually overtake print news due to its accessibility, flexibility, impartiality, limitlessness, and global reach. I thus strongly believe that most people will soon migrate from print media to online, digital, computerized news.

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