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  • Sohail

    January 31, 2023 at 12:49 AM

    With emerging technology, news has become easily accessible to everyone over internet and newspapers are no longer considered as it’s primary source. With no second thought in my mind, i completely agree with this statement and why wouldn’t i, after all it’s an advancement in this sector, furthermore it comes with lots of perks.

    Key benefits of catching up with news online include consuming it whenever and wherever you want, with the click of a button. One can quickly search the keywords and hop from one page to another with a slightest of scroll. Moreover it gives out of the box capability to mark the news as important and read it some other time. These all smallest of the things makes it convenient for the readers and specially the one’s who are preparing for entrance exams.

    Delightful experience comes with the features news apps have started to roll out recently which include giving the user ability to grab the news in multiple languages. In addition to this, people can now tune in to audio version of the newspaper. Imagine how beneficial it is turning out to be for enthusiastic people who don’t know how to read, however are very keen to keep themselves updated.

    To conclude, i can say without any doubt newspaper has lost it’s importance but for good only. Adapting to the technology is crucial in modern era and style of consumption of the news is no different. With time we might get to see the features, which are hard to imagine now and believe me they are all going to benefit people in one way or the other.

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