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  • isha

    January 31, 2023 at 10:11 PM

    With the rise of technology and easy access to Internet, the traditional newspaper has lost its importance. I strongly agree with this statement, as nowadays everyone wants to save their time, and hence prefers online press, as it is more convenient and provides immediate latest news to the reader.

    Firstly, online news is more easily accessible and convenient than traditional printed news. News readers can easily access the latest news on their smartphones at their own time while multitasking, for example, while travelling or cooking. Readers can also share the relevant news with their family or friends on social media. The online news industry, provides more short and relevant news to the consumer based on their interest and their recommendation, using various new technologies like AI and machine learning algorithms.

    Secondly, in the conventional printed news, there are a lot of efforts required to make the news available for the news readers, like the tedious process of editing, printing and distributing the newspapers every morning on time. Moreover, it also involves a lot of paper consumption, which is not ecologically friendly. The local printed press limits the news to their states or country , but the digital online press offers the wide variety of news from all around the world.

    To summarize, people prefer consuming online news as it is easiest and doesn’t require additional cost. I believe printed newspapers will be gradually replaced by the online press, as it offers a lot of advantages over conventional newspapers and is also environment friendly.


    Well tried.

    – Paragraphing is right.

    – Word repetition

    – Use synonyms

    – Be careful about punctuation marks.

    Bands -3.5/6

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