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  • Kumudini

    February 2, 2023 at 7:58 PM

    In the current era, growing pollution is posing a serious threat to people’s health and producing a variety of health issues. The majority of people believe that government should prioritize decreasing environmental contamination along with housing issues to avoid various diseases. To minimize health difficulties, I believe the government should take responsibility for reducing pollution and housing issues.

    To begin with, air pollution, the most serious source of pollution, accounts for 80 percent of all pollution. Industrialization has increased greenhouse gas emissions significantly, contaminating the air. As a consequence, creating serious health issues among people. For instance, an article published in India revealed that the percentage of people suffering from respiratory problems has increased significantly in recent years. Therefore, the government must take significant efforts to alleviate this crisis.

    The housing problem, which is also a major cause of sickness, should be taken into consideration by the government. Poorly built homes in unhygienic environments run the risk of attracting a large number of bacteria and germs. For instance, recent research found that people living in linked slum neighbourhoods are more susceptible to contagious illnesses like the common cold and flu. Furthermore, well-built housing in a clean environment will not only prevent disease transmission but will also protect them from adverse weather conditions.

    To summarize, governments, in my opinion, should focus on minimizing pollution by introducing new rules that restrict the number of pollutants released into the atmosphere. In addition, numerous shelters should be built to protect people living in slums or on the streets from infections.

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