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  • Kanishk

    March 14, 2023 at 12:21 PM

    Cars have always been the promising source of transportation since ages and nowadays almost every family has at least one vehicle parked in the garage. The growing number of vehicles on roads requires smooth functioning highways and streets and to set this up money is required. Many people argue that the lawmakers should pay for this whereas the other group believe that car owners must bear the expenses. In my opinion, the administrators are already collecting tax through various techniques and it is the public who is paying for it.

    Firstly, today each state of our country is interconnected via expressways which requires maintenance and seeing the rising count of cars on road it will demand timely up-gradation. However, the government is a strong body and can pay for it but it might have negative repercussions. For instance, if they start paying for the roadways without taking taxes in any form from the citizens then a huge portion of money will be spent here and other services offered by the authority may get suppressed due to the financial problem.

    Secondly, I also think that the public should not rely on the authorities to completely fund the road system, they should happily pay taxes which will be further used for their interest. One more reason of the deteriorating condition of motorway is the negligence caused by the motor owners during driving. For example, driving commercial vehicles on private vehicles slot will surely cause damage to the path and to repair it capital will be required. Furthermore, heavy penalties should be taken from them for such act.

    In conclusion, Cost for the development and maintenance of streets is mainly charged from its end user which should not be a problem since the officials might not afford paying such huge amount for preserving its quality.

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