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  • Ketan

    March 26, 2023 at 3:17 PM

    The idea of primary schoolchildren learning how to grow vegetables and keep animals as part of their curriculum has been suggested on multiple instances. While its easy to argue about the benefits there can also be drawbacks.

    One of the large number of benefits from teaching schoolchildren to grow vegetables and keep animals is that it can help them gather greater understanding of main sources of food and help them develop understanding and skills related to sustainable farming. By keeping animals around they can learn to take care of them and grow an enhanced understanding of nature preservation and fellow species. Furthermore they can gather more sense of independence and possibly help them make healthier choices in future and incorporate these learning’s into their lives.

    Despite the benefits, one of the main disadvantages is that school’s might find it difficult to implement these steps in their curriculum may it be because of lack of resources or space in their facilities to grow vegetables or keep animals. Furthermore it could be a hard to find teachers are specifically skilled in these areas. There can be issues related to cleanliness of the facilities and children. Another disadvantage can be lack of interest by students or health issues like allergies. considering these issues it might not be suitable for all children.

    In conclusion, I believe there are disproportionately large amount of benefits in favour of teaching schoolchildren to grow vegetables and keep animals in comparison to disadvantages. Specially helping them grow an better understanding and open up to nature at a young age in today’s era where children tend to do more indoor activities.


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