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  • Ketan

    April 6, 2023 at 8:37 PM

    In today’s era, considering that modern medicine has become increasingly expensive and hard to retain for longer duration’s, people have started looking towards alternative medicines and treatments. While I believe it’s a positive development its not without its risks.

    Firstly, its increasingly getting clear that modern branded medicine is getting expensive on daily basis alongside its increasing price it also has few side effects if consumed for longer periods. Considering these factors, attention towards alternative treatments and medicinal therapies like yoga is a natural move. Following through on such treatments can often lead to a better, healthier lives while getting rid of addiction to modern medicine. We can also observe that few big companies are looking to selling more medicine often at the expense of the patient which becomes more so reason for the same trend.

    Although such treatments are getting more advanced there also are quite a few risks involved, example in case the alternate medicinal treatments not being taken from doctor’s advice and taken without any diagnostics. Also, we need to verify the sources of such treatments as being valid and not taken without any prescription. Considering these factors, we can also gain an understanding that alternative medicine needs more research in order to become more viable.

    In conclusion, I gather a positive trend being developed for moving towards alternative medicine and treatments considering all the downsides and the profit-making culture of big pharma companies and the connected ecosystem. Although it’s a positive move, we as consumers of alternative medicine need to be more informative and knowledgeable about such treatments and should not consider them without proper consultation.


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