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  • priya

    August 3, 2021 at 6:55 PM

    Global sports events are gathering widespread popularity among everyone nowadays. While nations are exhibiting keen interest and enthusiasm to conduct such events to showcase their strength, others argue that organizing such athletic events are a complete waste of resources. In my opinion, organizing international competitions is a boon to any hosting country and in this essay we will see points to support my view.

    Firstly, Games like the Olympics, super bowls, Asian or Commonwealth games etc., attracts more sports enthusiasts and viewers to the host country. This contributes directly to the transport, tourism, retail and hospitality sector. Thereby enhancing the economy of the nation. For instance, Britain had viewed the Euro 2020 event as a way of boosting their economy affected by the Pandemic. Though the fight between the Italy and English fans after the finals gathered a lot of negative views by the media, still the takeaway from organizing the Game is more.

    Also some countries see this as a platform to strengthen their diplomatic power with other super powers in the world. Such events are used as opportunities by world leaders to meet and greet in a friendly environment. Many treaties and dialogues were discussed and signed through sports diplomacy. Hosting international cricket events or tri-series were always used as a tool by India to soften the growing hostility with its neighboring nations.

    To summarize, hosting global sports competitions will aid in economic development to the home country and the soft power gained will bring in more trade and friendship agreements. Hence all the expenditure incurred for such events will indirectly boost the business of the hosting country.

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