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  • Praveen

    August 5, 2021 at 12:08 AM

    In spite of every youngster’s background, it is significant to teach enduring skills like cooking, life-saving first aid giving process, and self-defensive techniques for this generation. I strongly believe that it will help every teenager at least once in their life and may help other people of the society.

    It is evident that every human being is facing challenges every day to the survival of the fittest. Parents should let their children or youngsters adopt surviving skills to protect them from hurdles coming in the future. Parents and Governments should encourage every teenager to learn new skills on regular basis based on their convenience so that youth will be ready to face any kind of problems from different corners of society. It is important to know about survival skills that will help us to lead life smoothly, whether it is cooking or social acceptance, or skim and scan the conditions at the new place, and accustom to it. This will help every individual to live their life with no hiccups.

    And also, schools or colleges should encourage their students to imbibe new skills in order to spend their valuable time. Learning new techniques for living their life without any hurdles, In spite of the regular education. They have to put some specials classes for their personality building and learning survival skills. They may need to relocate to different places as part of their higher education or work-related activities and the situation demands them to migrate to different places for a better standard of living in the future. And, their life taught them to habituate the advantage of receiving things on a positive note, though migration is not an easy thing and they need to accustom to local conditions like weather, ambiance, and culture, etc. We never know the teenagers may face real-time challenges from anyone or any situation and they should be in a position to survive themselves through talkativeness or if they are trained with self-defensive techniques like Karate etc.

    In other words, I firmly say that every teenager should learn or imbibe to life-saving or enduring skills to lead a better life in order to face any challenges in their life irrespective of their family background or in any other circumstances.

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