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  • Jyoti

    August 5, 2021 at 10:03 PM

    Advertisement has been a part of this society since a long time in one way or the other And it has always managed to get the company its required customers and help the owners make most of their profits. There’s no doubt in the fact that these sparkly advertisement lures people into buying the products that they really do not need.

    Everybody watch these advertisements and they might purchase it without giving it a second thought. If I need some product I will definitely go to the market and will buy it myself. For example, I do not need an advertisement to buy the essentials or the groceries as they are the basic necessity which we really need. Contrary to this buying something like Rocket chair just because I saw the advertisement yesterday is fatuous.

    The biggest reason for getting so absorbed by these advertisement is the fact that most of them features our favourite celebrities or other influential people who deceptively projects the brand and its products in exceptionally gripping ways. The moment we see these elites using that product our neurons starts calculating that it must be useful and one imagines that it will give us the same result that is being claimed without thinking ‘Do I really need it though?’

    I used to be Very concerned about my hair even though I really have fine hair and never faced any major hairfall problems but watching those celebrities flaunt those chemically modified and camera enhanced shiny long hair I started having concerns for mine because I was comparing it to something that wasn’t real. I kept buying a barrage of these expensive well advertised products like oil, serums, shampoo and what not. It was only after spending a fortune that I realised they did nothing but damage my hair.

    Concluding my points I feel that companies should stop these unrealistic advertisements about products whose efficiency might be contentious. The procuring of unnecessary goods empties our pockets, leaves us frustrated, and taking away our chance to amass that money to buy something which would have been helpful. One must be meticulous and vigilant enough to inquire before spending into something that is off limits.

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