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  • Nikita

    August 19, 2021 at 5:34 AM

    Nowadays, every person seems to be addicted to their mobile phones. Hence, this lead to believe for few people that technology is driving individuals away from socializing. This essay agrees with statement as to some extent technology has its pros as well as cons.

    To commence with, devices like mobile phones are blessing in disguise. They have helped people connect others and strengthened their relationship as their able to communicate with anybody living far away. By this human beings have become more socially active. For example, in the olden times, communication was done through letters or in person but due to innovation the process of interaction is easier by just one click away and a message is sent. Moreover, social application like WhatsApp has enabled sending of videos, pictures, documents, etc. and by this people have become socially interactive with others.

    On the other hand, technological devices have its demerits for excess usage, which make people less social as they tend to have more of virtual relationship than real life relationship. Lately, People having been spending more time on their mobile phones and less time with their family and friends. For instance, earlier people used to gather around spend quality time together by discussing about their life status but now people are more likely to be involved in their phones and interact less. Hence, due to this reason individuals are becoming socially disabled and isolating themselves.

    In conclusion, technology has been of great help but when used excessively it has showed detrimental effects to mankind. Hence, it is up to people how to wisely they utilise technological inventions for socialization.

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