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  • Aniket

    August 25, 2021 at 2:53 PM

    Languages are the means of communication in this world. Since the travellers travelled across different nations they also found new languages to socialize with the new groups of people. Most of the english speaking countries travelled around the world and left an impact on others homeland about western styles including english as well. While, having english as the only language can promote a unified culture with no hardships in understanding other language, on the other side it can affect the diversification of cultures in this world.

    As it is clear that, having a single language in our case as english, will surely bring down the communication gap. For instance, many non english speaking countries like Japan and China, find it very difficult to connect and follow along the ideas with the english speaking countries. Furthermore, it will reduce the grudges some countries have over other nations language. Like, some people often, make fun of others languages to make them feel ashamed about there own language. Moreover, having a one language can promote a sense of unity among other nations, as other nations will be able to follow along the ideas and will be less prone to misconceptions. Overall, bringing down the gaps in communication.

    Now, turning to the details of what might go wrong. Firstly, it can severely affect the diversity of the current world. People often love diversification as it aids in learning one’s culture and connection with there ancestral life. Also, a single literature for the world seems boring. Literatures, like poems, music, art, and craft often brings joy for there learners and among others as well, which will be lost if we have a unified language for all. The variety that every culture contributes to the society is very important afterall.

    To sum up, a language of one for all can benefit to the society through its approach of togetherness in relationships around the globe. On the other side, it can take away different lifestyles and trends one is able to impart from other languages.

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