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  • Tanya

    August 26, 2021 at 6:09 PM

    Does it require traveling to gain knowledge about the other country when we can get information about every nation through TV and the internet? Well, that is quite debatable. Let us find out this in the following paragraphs.

    First, traveling a foreign nation is not only a source of entertainment, but also it provides us a sight to view different cultures, traditions, language etc. Our desire to explore a new world and then compare their lifestyles with ours is fulfilled when we visit other parts of the globe. Furthermore, by meeting individuals of the other countries, we get to know about their mindset and also what they think about our country. For example, recently my trip to South Africa changed my thinking about that country’s people. I used to think that Africans are not welcoming but actually, they were very helpful and friendly.

    Next, visiting abroad does comes with a lot of expenditure. Moreover, traveling to some countries like the USA requires many visa formalities, which can be frustrating for some people. Also, language and food sometimes become challenging while staying in a foreign nation. For example, it is hard to find vegetarian food in some parts of Thailand. Also, many people do not understand English there. Getting information through TV and the internet becomes the only option for some people as it saves a lot of money and time.

    Travelling has become a passion for several people around the world. In my opinion, if you want to explore a country and you have sufficient funds with you then the ideal approach is to visit it.

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