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  • Shana

    August 27, 2021 at 4:14 PM

    In this modern era, where being informed about the happenings around the world is a basic necessity ,it is often debated whether the regional news or the global news has the lead in terms of significance.This essay will look into the observations made by the people who prefer national news as well as the ones who opt the international news and then present an opinion.

    The immediate impact of various incidents occuring in a country ,on its citizens make some of them support the national news.In other words,these informations aid us to lead our day to day lives without falling prey to the deceitful eyes in the society and to be aware of our fundamental rights.For instance,a citizen who is not aware of the ordinance enforced in the country to reduce the price of a litre of drinking water to 13 rupees will be deceived by the vendors.

    On the other hand ,we are able to witness the achievements of several foreign countries through the international news which can contribute towards our arduous efforts to achieve goals akin to them.The advanced economies present suitable role models for other nations particularly the impoverished ones .This can be evidenced by the developed world which accomplished the pro active step of ramping up the pace of vaccination against COVID 19 to encounter the anticipated third wave of infection .India has decided to follow the same path to attain the herd immunity in the population and thus eliminate the need of a largescale lockdown.

    Thus to summarise ,both the national and international news have to be given equal consideration as none of them outweighs the other with respect to the benefits and it is equally important to be acquainted of the distant countries as our neighbourhood.It is recommended for everyone to be apprised of the news regardless of the geographical boundaries.

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