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  • Akhil

    September 3, 2021 at 12:47 PM

    Nowadays schools are providing best knowledge for their students. Even though they acknowledge their children with a good education some people say that today’s schools should also include a subject about how to survive financially in this present world, I completely disagree with this statement.

    Though it is difficult to justify whether to teach financial survival for students but schools automatically teaches this topic without any subject knowledge. School is a place where children comes with different background and different mindsets. Subject like mathematics will teach how to be calculative and topic like profit and loss will bring the knowledge to think before spending a money. For Example , if a student after his graduation wants to run a business then he can estimate how much money he needs and how profits and losses will be there with the help of simple mathematics.

    Today’s school have already introduced a subject called Managerial Economics and Financial Analysis which is more than enough for any student. Moreover, it teaches the ethical values of surviving the world and also explains the economical statistics in the world. In addition to it, students will come to know about partnership and managing the relationship between them. Furthermore, this subject covers about the legal and illegal issues that has to be faced if a problem occurs. For example, if a business is run by partners the should follow an agreement which they should stick to and if they break it then they should face the consequences.

    In conclusion, schools already provide enough subject to their students and including an extra teaching about surviving financially in today’s world is completely a waste of money where students will also feel stressed if they introduce any new subject to their academics.

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