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    September 3, 2021 at 3:29 PM

    Schools mostly focus on teaching their students the subjects that may help them get good colleges but ignore teaching about the real-life issues. It is therefore argued that schools should teach their students how to survive financially. I completely agree with this notion and believe that it is beneficial for a child to learn about economics and money related problems in their younger days. This essay will discuss about the advantages of giving real life lessons to kids in schools.

    In school, children study subjects such as physics, mathematics, social science etc., which help them to prepare for different competitive exams, apart from this, these subjects do not play any vital role in one’s life. On the other hand, subjects such as finances, investment etc., are left behind by these institutions which leads to children suffering from economic crisis after completing their education as they don’t have any idea about how to handle their money or where to invest it. For instance, learning different theorems of physics may help some in their future life but for others it is complete waste of efforts, but learning about finances, on the other hand, benefits everyone.

    Although this shift from traditional teaching method is not easy and time consuming. Also, such a transition requires a lot of planning by the administration and the government along with allocation of funds, as appointment of new teaching staff would be required. There are some new education policies that are being circulated by the government according to which by the end of year 2030 all of the schools need to have a specific period everyday, when students can ask and learn about economy and investment policies from an expert.

    In conclusion, although teaching finances to students in schools requires a major shift from the current scenario but it is for a greater good, and whole community would be benefitted of it.

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