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  • saravana

    September 7, 2021 at 10:38 AM

    It is often argued that, owing to the rising and fast extension of super markets in some nations, small shops revenues are getting affected drastically. Furthermore, some of our folks have thought in their mind that this lead to the exit of the local stores, where the limited number of products are being sold, and resulted to the devoid of local group of people. I completely agree with this situation, and I think that enlargement of super markets will eradicate the local people and their businesses to a greater extent.

    Firstly, I believe that Since super markets attracts many people to buy all kinds of household accessories, fruits, vegetables in a single place inside the super market with good ambience and attractive offers, our folks visit them frequently to buy their products, which they feel that very time consuming. It renders local people lost their business which leads to poverty, lost their business ultimately. For instance, in the recent last month article of Times Of India, It was quoted that , eventhough our people showed greater interests in buying the products from big corporate shops, malls rather than small shops , we lost the livelihood of locals and their jobs. Thats why I could say that big shops, malls eradicate the lives of our local inmates.

    Secondly, In my opinion, corporates who owned the malls, big retail shops buy the bulk quantity of products at a cheaper price in a single place, especially in a prodcution area, sell their products to the consumers at lower price when compared to the local shops. Moreover, they accept the different types of cards or online transactions from customers , whereas the small shops not holds these kinds of facilities. As a result, people always have the tendency to go those kind of multi-facility reatail shops that will decrease the revenue of tiny shops, For instance, in our country, the Reliance India, which is one of the big business giant has been following these kind of strategies for more decades to attract the all kinds of people to buy their own products. So, this clearly shows their strategy of enlarging their business thereby the native people will leave their own land.

    Thus, we can conclude that owing to the extension of many malls, big retail corporate shops where people can buy their household and daily needs of products through online transactions which makes the people more convenient, many of our native folks who has been staying for many decades leave their places which is very sad thing to be noted .

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