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  • Gurleen

    September 7, 2021 at 2:01 PM

    The proliferation of supermarkets in rural and urban areas across the countries is seen as a major threat to the existence of local businesses. Some people believe that this extension of supermarkets will lead to an ultimate closure of local stores and I completely agree to this fact. Shutting down of local businesses will have detrimental impact on the livelihood of local communities.

    On the one hand, supermarkets provide a platform to buy every household necessity under one roof resulting in a reduced need to visit many shops. They offer services such as customer support as well as after-sales service with better price discounts that attracts the costumers. Supermarkets have the potential to spend and thus make international products available to the local community. This is seen as a major boost to the economy as well. For instance, Walmart is a huge giant with almost all the international products that has been spending hugely on marketing and advertising its products.

    On the other hand, small business owners are unable to compete with the larger franchises of international products due to the lack of funds. The small shops cannot also reduce the prices of their products beyond a certain point which is seen as a major drawback of visiting local shops these days. The stores may not also be self sufficient in meeting all the costumer needs and thus lose their market to the supermarkets. If the local stores are inefficient in meeting the local needs and thrive the competition, this guarantees that the local stores shut down.

    In conclusion, although the growth of supermarkets will fuel the economic growth of the nations, the local businesses with the lack of resources will be adversely affected resulting in their closures.

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