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  • Dr Shravan

    September 7, 2021 at 11:11 PM

    In a highly digitally connected world we have separate set of subscribers of local & international News. Every country’s economy is impacted by global events although our day totally life varies with local events. This Essay will try to cover both the aspects along with the individual opinion at the end.

    The Mains influence on economy is depicted by shock market , crude oil prices and the direct foreign investment. Any major international news like the presidential elections in United States of America made the investors anxious , crude oil prices were at all time high and the stocks just plunged down.

    News regarding terrorist attack and a state of war between countries have both direct as well as indirect influence on a individual living in any part of the world. For instance the removal of US Troops from Afganistan along with the reinstallation of taliban regime has created a sense of fear in Indian subcontinent.

    On the other hand it is also equally important to be aware about the local affairs since it has a key role in daily affairs. News like forecast of a natural calamity, important Government announcement will provide sufficient time to the people to act accordingly.

    So in my opinion it’s imperative to update ourselves with both international as well as local news due to the simple fact that in the era of information and technology the boundaries of the countries have shrinked and we are no longer remained isolated.

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