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  • Divyanshee

    September 12, 2021 at 12:40 PM

    Nowadays, people are using technology as a solution for their medical problems instead of visiting the doctors. In my opinion, it is a very negative development as it can lead to some really serious problems at present or even in the future. People often take the help of internet to cure their illness but they don’t realize what impact it can have in the near future.

    At times we search for some medical issue online and end up finding reading about something really serious which makes us more vulnerable to the situation. Although, internet has given us the access to so many new things, it has changed our lives in a great manner. People now can get an appointment online for which they used to stand in long queues and wait but somewhere the access to information about medical issues is negatively impacting our society. For example, having a problem of tonsillitis doesn’t only depict that it is due to eating extreme cold or extreme hot food, sometimes the reason is the underlying history of tonsillitis of the person. There might be many reasons for the ailment but to know the exact reason and treatment for the same, visiting a doctor is really very important.

    On one hand taking the help of internet for medical assistance is having a disastrous effect on the society but on the other hand somewhere even the doctors and the hospitals are equally responsible for this situation. We often see doctors prescribing for some unnecessary medical tests and hospitals charging a huge amount of fees and somewhere this has forced the society to take help of the technology rather than visiting the doctor.

    In conclusion, So, in order to avoid this exploitation from the hospitals and the doctors people end up using the internet as a solution for their medical problems. This attitude is unhealthy for them as they put themselves in a vulnerable situation and end up paying an enormous amount to get treated well in a hospital in the end.

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