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  • Nilesh

    September 12, 2021 at 10:37 PM

    Some part of the society believe that current curriculum should mainly focus on the information & technology as entire world is heading towards the same whereas others think that other non educational subjects such as music & art has equal importance in curriculum. I strongly believe that school education should have art & music lectures as school object is to turn our kids into docile member of society rather than turning them into robots.

    In modern era, accustom to technology at the early age certainly beneficial for pupil to excel in carrier and hence by looking at this prospect, numerous education systems have introduced information technology as compulsive subject as part of education but sometimes it’s very difficult for teachers and parents to control excessive use of computers during their absence & could results in omnious condition. For instance, the rates of juvenile delinquency have been increased significantly over the past years due to the excessive use technology. Hence, it is very crucial to have controlled parental guidance during teenage age on use of information and technology.

    On other hand, having classes on art & music helps to rejuvenate kids & to gain tranquility from stressful situations. Moreover it has been scientifically proven that after listening of music helps to elevate IQ as well as concentration of the students. Furthermore, we have to bear in our mind that all kids are different and their interest as well. Some students are passionate about art and music and they would love to pursue their career in this fields. Hence, there will be injustice to those kids if art and music classes will be replaced by information and technology. Hence, art and music has inseparable base in our education system.

    In conclusion, having Information and technology as subjects in school curriculum is today’s necessity but I strongly believe without art & music lessons, kids will turn into robots rather than human being.

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