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    September 13, 2021 at 8:53 AM

    It has been noticed that few people these days have started relying on online solutions for their medical issues. In my opinion it is not advisable to be completely dependent on technology for the health issues.

    It is very crucial to take care of your health related issues very seriously however treating some medical condition through technology can be life threatening. Internet these days is full of unverified information on different portals. Some portals have just gathered the information on the rising health issues and dropped on their portal but it the causes and the symptoms for any disease may warry from person to person.

    We can use internet for selecting the best doctor in the town by checking the reviews on the internet. We can compare the services offered by the hospitals and the therapist. Social media has emerged as one of the best information center during this pandemic for checking availability of medical resources such as beds, oxygen supply and the other medical supplies.

    So in a nutshell i would like to conclude the technology is still the best place to find out the contacts or references for medical supplies, and also to find out other medical services. The technology is a boon for accessing any information at any point of time from anywhere but internet can not replace doctors, the medical conditions can not be treated by technology, we will have to consult doctors the medium to reach that doctor could be online but the treatment will be given by doctor only.

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