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  • Rajesh

    September 13, 2021 at 9:15 PM

    There have been lot of discussions on whether hosting an international sports event is beneficial or harmful. This debate subject arises passions on both yay and nay sides. There are lot of factors to be considered whether the benefits outweigh the harmful effects. While there are many benefits accrued by hosting such an event like arising passion for sports, getting free limelight to the host country, I believe that the cons outweigh the pros.

    In the first glance itself, the society members who benefit the most are evident. The elites – ruling class and politicians – find hosting an international sports event as an opportune moment to embellish their images and aggrandize themselves.

    However the strata of society, which loses the most, Is usually the poor who bears the pain of harmful cascade of dominos set in motion by hosting such an event. There have been instances of entire villages being relocated by governments in certain countries to host such events. This is especially pronounced in poor countries where quite often the rule of law is weak, though even the poor in affluent countries are not spared. The most egregious fact is that since these strata of society gets less media coverage, the harmful effects of hosting such an event does not get the prominence in media. In most cases, the glitz and glamour of hosting such an event completely hides the pain faced by the poorest and most affected in society.

    In conclusion, I believe that, especially in poor countries, the harmful effects outweigh the benefits of hosting an international event.

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