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  • Gurleen

    September 14, 2021 at 1:42 PM

    Some people affirm that school going children should concentrate on all the academic subjects during their school times, while others argue that children should solely focus on the subjects they are keen on pursuing in the future. In my opinion, I am convinced that students must be more inclined towards enhancing their skills in subjects which interests them the most but I also agree to the fact that knowledge to all the subjects is crucial.

    To start with, exposure and learning of all the core subjects at school is vital for the growth of a child. Unless a child is made aware to the basic topics which have a greater practical application later in life, there will be a huge gap in the learning curve of the child. Additionally, in the growing stage of their lives they must be exposed to all the aspects of life before they decide to choose one stream. If the child is not given an overall picture of the basic subjects how would they make a decision of what is better for them?

    On the contrary, for the believers of focused training at school, children must concentrate on the subjects they want to pursue later in life. Once a child identifies his interest, he must be given a platform to enhance his skills in that field of interest only. The schools can play a great role in shaping the career of its students if they begin to start training students for the entrance exams of the specialised courses. The subject specific training can boost the skills and enhance the productivity of students in their majors. For instance, it is believed that youngsters who start preparing for the entrance exams of engineering after their 10th grade perform way better at exams than those who start coaching late.

    In conclusion, I would concede that interest based trainings are crucial to prepare a child for his future. Despite this, teaching all the subjects is important to give students a fair idea of what interests them the most.

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