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  • Janani

    September 17, 2021 at 9:34 PM

    Owing to the expansion of supermarkets in some countries, local business are unable to compete and therefore some people think that this will impact the economy of local business and thus bring about a death of the local communities. I agree with this arguement.

    Firstly, the development of such shops and outlets has definetly changed the buying experience for the customers, and major of the people get attracted towards these discounts, better price and quality. For example, star bazar, a well-known superstore in India present in many cities and towns, often offers weekly and monthly discounts on various products to their clients, eventually fortifying the customer base. With these all the above factors, these big shops have become one place for all the necessary purchase, and thus leading the customers with huge benefits suporting the development and change.

    On the other hand, the opening of supermarkets could benefit local manufacturers by sell their products on their premises. Although, in contrast to this every booming industry the small businesses suffer. Local vendors from the streets are unable to get a good amount of money for their goods. They have a very few repeated customers, but with very less need to purchase. Therefore, they are discouraged from selling their age-old recipes. For example, a community that sells meat lost its business to the big company of meat processor. The decline of business will eventually result in the extinction of the commodity altogether. If people do not purchase local recipes anymore, there is no use of preparing the dish. Hence, there has to be a constant balance between demand, and supply.

    To conclude, with the rapid expansion of stores in all places, local marketers are being exacerbated. In my opinion, the survival of local businesses is doubtful considering the above reasons. However, as these giant markets are here to stay for a long time it is imperative that small stores are given funds to sustain.

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