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  • Swati14

    September 19, 2021 at 10:18 PM

    Nowadays in fast-moving modern life, most people are attracting towards fast food as their main course food. In my opinion, this lifestyle could not beneficial for the health of the people because it augments diseases and obesity in people.

    Fast food looks very delicious and anyone can easily attract to it but it gives harmful effects on the health of humans. Fast food contains high levels of sugar, artificial sweeteners, and processed chemicals which lead people towards various types of diseases like diabetes, cholesterol, and heart attack. Most people eat fast food without notice that it includes lots of chemicals which prone their body to these types of diseases. In my country, more and more people are becoming part of this deceases because of their unhealthy lifestyle. The more they eat junk food, the higher chance of their illnesses.

    Another problem is obesity which causes due to fast food consumption. Fast food having excess calories which increase the fat of the body and it also always settle in the human body which causes weight gain. To get rid of this, people have to do exercise on daily basis, the more we doing exercise, the less chance for becoming fatty but due to lack of time and busy schedule, no one cares about this and affliction with overweight. Obesity also brings many more problems with it like back pain, knee pain and many other types of difficulties which will become a key for further health complications.

    In conclusion, I would like to say that everyone should follow a healthy lifestyle and minimize fast food intake because fast food only leads to many kinds of illness and overweight problems for people.

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