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  • Janani

    September 24, 2021 at 7:42 PM

    Inevitably, art is considered as an imperative part of all cultures around the world. However, People’s propensity has changed towards these lucrative fields like technology, business and science. Only very few desperate persons are focusing on arts. In this essay, I will discuss one of the very important reasons behind this condition, and also with recommendation on how to grow individual’s interest in arts.

    The first and foremost reason is because to the sluggish growth in an artistry profession. Its widely believed that, success is measured by a person’s salary, job title and reputations. Thus, this has inculcated one’s mind between accepting arts as a hobby and profession. Majority of the parents don’t permit their children’s to pursue their career in fine arts like native martial arts, painting and dance. For example, one of my friends Geetha was very passionate about making artificial jewelry, but she was neither encouraged nor allowed, due to its low income.

    Rather than being ambiguous on this issue, government should bring some awareness programs among the youngsters to increase the interest. For instance, if people are rewarded with high salary, they will eventually gain recognition in this society. As a result, this will increase the chances of increasing people’s attention to arts.

    To conclude, although art is considered as an essential part of our cultures, yet the inclination towards business and giant sectors are more in terms of career and salary. Therefore, my suggestion is to provide more job opportunities for people in fine arts.

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