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    September 27, 2021 at 1:53 PM

    Walking use to be considered as one of the best exercise for health still now a days very less people follow walking. There are several reasons to it which includes pandemic than emerging trends of gym and also the pollution outside. The awareness programs and more work on suitable infrastructure by government can certainly motivate people for walking.

    These days pandemic is the first reason people do not prefer to go outside for walking rather they prefer to follow home exercises and yoga to meet the fitness goals. Many qualified fitness trainers from gyms they have started online fitness program where they make people do exercise online and they promote their ads on social media very well hence that is another reason people stopped going out for walk.

    The pollution can also be another reason in several cities that people do not feel good as the air is polluted because of a lot of vehicles on road and there is no particular walking paths are constructed in every locality. Lifestyle changes also responsible for this. Going to gym ahs become a status symbol for youngsters and they do not prefer to got for walk whereas some are so busy with jobs work from home than taking care of kids and other family members they do not get time for walking.

    Walking can be promoted since beginning to young kids than they would have more awareness towards its benefits. The government should also take care to develop the suitable space for walking in every locality. The pollutions control measures should also be taken care by authorities in residential areas.

    In conclusion if we will have more awareness and the suitable area in our locality than i am sure people will be motivated for walking and this is every one’s responsibility to encourage kids and adults also the senior citizens to go for walk and they should look at it as a family activity also not only fitness activity.

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