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  • hari

    September 28, 2021 at 7:36 PM

    Art is heart and soul of every culture across the globe but only a fraction of people admire it. As a result, majority of people have shifted their interest towards science, technology, and business. This essay portrays the rationale behind this perception. Besides, an attempt to find the pragmatic solution for this situation is presented.
    First and foremost, parents and teachers educate their children to pursue subjects like science, technology and business in order to have a lucrative career. Furthermore, children are compared with wealthy and successful people from science, technology and business stream. Therefore, their wards grow up thinking that, in order to be a successful person one must only take up science, technology and business subjects. For instance: Since my childhood, people from technical and business streams like Bill Gates, Ambani, etc only have been depicted as exemplar of success. Therefore, this has been engrained in my mind to the extent that I could not think of any other stream but Science or Engineering in my schooling.
    In order to motivate people to shift their focus towards art, it should be introduced as a compulsory subject. Because of this, parents and academicians would realize the value of the subject. In the same way, younger ones would realize its value. This foundational impression stays with them for lifetime. For example: I still remember the science exhibition conducted at my school. However, no significance was given to art. I assume, had art also been exhibited like science exhibitions, many would have fascinated the subject. In other words, the stream would be marketed in a better way.
    In a nut shell, children should be taught to understand the value of arts by parents and teachers since their young age. Moreover, exhibitions and live events must be promoted from schooling for better reach in order to rake in interest in the field of art as well.

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