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  • Mohit

    September 29, 2021 at 9:30 PM

    A lot of experiences, pertaining to the studies materials , are being done in our country , but the nucleus of all the experiment has now become that either all the subject need to be included in the curriculum or students should choose the subject according to their strength and interest. Well this essay will glimpse upon the importance of deciding the subject by the student, by their own.

    ‘A graduate should has the knowledge of all the valuable things which they will face while paving the way of their successful carrier’ is the quotation , oftenly quoted by the supporters . And they also emphasis it by illustrating further that a science graduate is not going to make his carrier in the field of science only. There may be the demand of commerce graduate in market , which will certainly prevail the commerce graduate and then he would have no other option, but to be left behind. Thus the necessity of teaching all subject are justified.

    ‘Junk of all is master of none’ ,on the other hand , is quoted by the opponents . They believe that students can do wonder, if they are allowed to choose the subject of their own interest. The path of the success is always open for the masters. Illustrating the same they speak that as the student is the only one who know its own interest better then any other and an independence choice for the subject , he is going to studied , will be proven like ‘icing on the cake’ and he , by focusing on his key area , can make his own path of success. Thus let them choose their carrier by their own.

    At the end of the discussion , I also make my self convinced that student should has the right to choose the subject, they are going to study. As they are well versed about their grips, and sufficient aged to decide their carrier , they will definitely make their way to get success.

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