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  • Yanshi

    October 1, 2021 at 11:05 AM

    Some people hold the opinion that children’s mindset and behavior gets impacted by what they watch on the television. On the other hand, some believe that the amount of time spent on watching television has a major impact on them. Both the opinions are correct in my view and this essay will further enlighten the view points.

    People get influenced by what they see and perceive. With the advancement of technology, televisions have become a prominent and fascinating source of entertainment, especially for children, who can be found spending most of their leisure time, watching their favorite shows on television. As a result, the shows and characters can have a significant influence on children’s naive minds. They might develop some of the traits of their favorite characters, could be negative or positive, resulting in problematic outcomes. For instance, some years ago, it was reported by a lot of concerned parents that their children were getting influenced by a cartoon character ‘Shinchan’ who seemed to have a problematic personality, resulting in ban and censorship of the cartoon in a lot of countries. This is one aspect on how television can have adverse effects on children.

    On the other hand, spending more time on watching television than required, can also lead to drastic effects, including health and behavioral issues. Spending greater times on TV can lead to eye strain due to harmful radiations emitted by the TV screens, which is one aspect. If not provisioned, they might access problematic shows, not meant for their age, having adverse effects on their minds. Children should be prohibited from spending too much time on televisions, as this might lead them to getting addicted to TVs, affecting their studies, health and mind. The more they will spend time on television, the more they will drift apart from their personal life.

    Televisions are one of the greatest inventions of mankind and an excellent source of entertainment. But having too much of anything, can lead to degrading effects, especially for young minds. Therefore, children need to be supervised and taken care of, when it comes to what and for how long they are watching television, to prevent any sort of negative outcome.

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