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  • Ashi

    October 2, 2021 at 8:02 PM

    With the advent of technology one industry that has a real impact on our lives is advertisements. Advertisements do encourage us to use effective products but at the same time it does not turns out to be that productive. I agree with the point that we tend to buy unnecessary products which we actually do not need because of these advertising markets.

    Advertising agency in the recent years have experienced a great boon because many people are now dependent on these marketing strategies to buy a product. It is abysmal that because of advertisements , many people now a days do not prefer to go outside and buy the things instead by analyzing the product quality instead they become susceptible to watch the advertisements and later order the product online. For instance , many people working in stores face a huge amount of violence from their customers because something that has been told to people on TVs, or on other mediums do not in real match with the customer’s expectations.

    Considering the fact that people now are swamped with excess work they do not get time to actually go to specific store and inquire about the product as a result of which they sometimes tend to land up in peculiar condition. It is extremely pragmatic for people now that they should not remain in dubious situation in case of buying a certain product by just following advertisements , rather they should further investigate on the quality and value which they have to owe for the particular item by either going to different stores and gathering knowledge about past experience of people having similar kind of product.

    In conclusion we can say that while advertisements do help the people to focus on new trending products but usually it does not in particular satisfy the needs of people in terms of cost effectiveness and unnecessary wastage in buying the products that we actually do not need.Therefore, proper judgement in case of buying any product should do not entirely depends on advertisements.

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