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  • Sheeba

    October 7, 2021 at 11:26 AM

    Now a days some people believe that we have too many options to choose. In this essay let us see both views by agreeing and disagreeing the opinion on availability of choices.

    To begin with, there are many options are available to select. For instance accessories, education, food, travel and job. On seeing many options people are getting confused to select the right option for them. In the last century, the variety of food was not available in a hotel. To have food in different cuisine, people have to select a hotel where the cuisine is available. But now a hotel has variety of cuisine. We can have Italian cuisine, Arabic cuisine, Indian cuisine and Continental dishes at a single hotel. In olden days women used to wear saree and men used to wear shirt and pant. Now there are lehenga and western wears for women and for men sharvani and different types of coat are available. In my childhood the only channel available in television was Doordarshan but, now there are many channels are there.

    In addition to it, there are few area we do not have options. During election there is only one way to cast our votes there is no alternate. In the time of delivery there is no option for the women to deliver her child without pain. While attending the competitive exams the candidate has to write their exam in their respective exam center. Few years back, I got selected in the preliminary round in one of the nationalized bank. But for the second round I could not able to attend the exam because I was in my notice period. As I could not take leave I missed the opportunity. So from my perspective choices are not available for few domain.

    In conclusion, the more we have options, the harder it will be to choose the best. The options at certain extend will gives interest to choose. Beyond the limit we will get stress to choose the right option.

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