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  • Ashwani

    October 13, 2021 at 7:34 PM

    Getting fat pay cheques are often considered paramount in a work environment rather than opting for a job profile which fosters inner fulfilment. This essay strongly disagrees with the notion that getting rich at the expense of personal contentment is at all beneficial in the long run.

    First of all, earning hefty amounts as compensation brings greater responsibility towards job and tremendous stress which may leads to catastrophic consequences. One cannot always withstand constant mental fatigue and physical exertion such high paying jobs demand day in and day out. It can push people to the brink where they are more likely to collapse. As per recent instances, many top earning executives committed suicides in the last two years as they were not able to cope up with the day to day rigour of their highly paying job demanded and ever increasing stress.

    Secondly, on the contrary if someone is discharging duties which one is quite passionate about performs to his full potential. If you are performing tasks which you love and cherish, makes you not only fulfil you goals but put you in a precious league of over achievers which in turn bring greater rewards in the long run. For example, Satya Nadella and Sundar Pichai excelled in their field as they were quite exuberant and enthusiastic in their jobs.

    To conclude, the most successful, happy and healthy people are those who perform their jobs cheerfully with unwavering zeal without being unnecessarily buried under unrealistic expectations and unlocking their full potential to deliver unprecedented results.

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