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  • Suniti

    October 19, 2021 at 8:00 AM
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    Nowadays, the Internet is one of an integral part of our life. Every technology is having its pro & cons. Internet brings the world closer. It gives a good platform to the world who want to show their creativity, memes are one of them. A meme is a piece of information that spreads on the internet very quickly.

    In this competitive world, everyone wants to reduce their work pressure or stress and I think, due to lack of time, people are not getting time to watch tv or movies, so memes are playing a very important role in our life. In some cases, it can be funny, entertaining, and help socialize with others.

    Memes are a very easy and portable way to have fun and entertain yourself. We can express our feeling with the use of different memes.

    Dropback of memes are, people can misuse it and harm the society or community to some extent.
    Every coin has two sides, so we should consider only the good side of it and try to get splendid happiness for our better health physical as well as mental.

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