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  • Seema

    October 19, 2021 at 9:16 PM

    Colour truly plays a vital role in someone’s life and decorating life with colours can make the life happening and we should consider varieties of colours around us which can help to spread positive energy. But I partially agree that colours can always keeps a happy environment.

    In one hand, Colours are the most important part of our life as each colour itself has meaning towards it. For instance white colour reflects cleanliness, simplicity, innocence and Honesty, which all can be correlate with the profession of doctors at hospital as they’re very honest towards their job and at the same time their simplicity and innocence can be seen in their behaviour for the patients despite of the caste, creed and wealth.

    In other hand, colours can sometime shows a painful and hard time, additionally looking at which it can betray someone extremely. Take an example, same white colour is used at funeral in hindu religion for covering the dead body on his/her last ride and people on the same day prefers wearing white to maintain a peaceful environment, which is actually a painful situation.

    In conclusion I would like to mention that colours may influence someone’s health but at the same time it makes someone feel down too. Don’t you think only one colour in office wall can make us feel bored to work or we might feel sleepy? This is the reason why people need a refreshing environment by staying in a colourful interior which can always spread a good mood to work and keep us healthy.

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