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  • Shahbaz

    October 21, 2021 at 12:33 PM

    I think it’s better to start an essay like this one with ‘I am writing to make some suggestions…’ or ‘to provide some feedback’.

    “Most of the complaints, which I received, were about” ( The commas in this sentence were not necessary. Please look up ‘relative clause when to use commas’)

    * “people would not be felt comfortable” (people did not feel comfortable / people do not feel comfortable)

    * “where visitors comes” (come) [subject-verb agreement errors]

    * “I advise to some changes in the facility department of our company because their work not up to the mark” ( ‘to make some changes…’ ….. ‘their work is not up to the mark…)

    * “These steps may be improved the ratings of” (may improve the ratings of…)


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