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  • Shahbaz

    October 25, 2021 at 11:10 AM

    * In the paper-based test, your handwriting needs to be ‘legible’. I am able to read your writing very well. Occasionally, your ‘u’s ‘c’s, ‘e’s and ‘a’s are a bit confusing. The last word in the first paragraph is not clear. That’s all that you really need to fix – any letters that can be confusing to the reader. Other than that, the handwriting does not have to be ‘beautiful’ or elegant.

    * We don’t usually say ‘mentioned about X’, we just say ‘ ABC mentioned XYZ’
    * ‘from last six months’ should have been ‘for the last six months’.
    * ‘deny them for entry’ would not be correct. We usually ‘deny someone something’ not ‘for something’. So, I believe it should be ‘deny them entry’ or ‘deny them entrance’
    * ‘This has also affecting’ (This has also been affecting…)
    * ‘an another article ‘ is unnecessary, just ‘publish another article’ is enough.

    * Please check out some letter samples. Your paragraphing can improve a bit. I shall elaborate this in class.


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