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  • Sheeba

    October 26, 2021 at 12:47 PM

    Some people say that parents should motivate their children to be a part in group activities. Others say that children should learn to occupy themselves on their own. In my opinion, spending time alone has more cons than being engaged with group activities. This essay will discuss both the views.

    To begin with, children have to take part in organized group activities in their leisure time so that, they can enhance their skills. Their soft skills will develop when they mingle with other children. Activities other than studies such as swimming class, dance class, music class, abacus class and drawing class make them to improve their creativity and nourish their hidden talent.

    In addition to that, children spending their time alone will become introvert when they grow up. Children expect to spend time with their parents. If the parents are not available in their world when they are young, they will lack love of their parents. Loneliness will leave a scar on their life which leads to psychological problem. Children have to be scrutinized by their family members. They should have a mentor to correct their mistakes and to encourage them to achieve greater things in their life.

    To conclude with, children will be more active in groups than alone. Children in groups have good mental health than children spending their time alone. They tries to grab others attention which gives them pleasure. If parents are not present in their children’s world today, then they cannot be available in their tomorrow’s world.

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