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  • Shahbaz

    October 26, 2021 at 7:06 PM

    * The letter is too long. It is true that there is no upper word limit in the writing test and an essay/letter won’t lose points just for being too long. However, when an essay/letter is too long, you won’t have enough time to proofread it properly and your ideas might ‘lose focus’.

    * ‘a often heard’ (an often-heard)

    * I believe it’s ‘many a time’ and not ‘many a times’ with an ‘s’. In the same sentence, did you mean to use ‘clients’ instead of ‘client’? That would have made more sense.

    * ‘solutions must be taken’ I don’t think it’s correct to say that a solution ‘must be taken’. We ‘take’ ‘measures’, ‘steps’ etc.

    * ‘feel like home’ I think ‘feel at home’ is better. Please check.

    * ‘coffee’ was misspelt. Most likely a typo.


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