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  • Silk

    October 27, 2021 at 2:19 AM

    Worldwide many nations have improved major crime rates, still people feel unsafe than before. I will explain the main reasons for this and some strategies to overcome these issues.

    Due to recent pandemic situation many people lost their jobs and so there has been sharp increase in cases like robbery, shoplifting, car and bike theft, protests against government, riots, etc. which are not serious crimes but still people didn’t feel secured coming to my next point for not feeling unsafe is lots of drunk and homeless people are living in the streets which create inconvenience to travel late night or in lonely roads. the last point I want to add is that crimes are conducted mostly by under age 18 for example lots of mid-students are engaged in criminal activity like drug dealing as no one can suspect teenagers involvement in crime and there is no certain punishment for juvenile crimes.

    In my opinion if we improve their quality of life, then there will be less robbery or theft so measure taken for my first and second problem could be applied to increase safety is to offer more jobs opportunity so as to increase the economic status of unemployed citizen. Another strategy would be to raise the number of policemen in dangerous areas where crimes are more often. We could even plant number of CCTV on empty roads or roads with less street lights. For juvenile crimes I suggest school should educate children about day today crimes and family should make them feel protected and if they find any behavioral changes immediately provide them with necessary counselling.

    In conclusion, whereas major crimes have actually been diminished but there has been number of minor crimes making people feel worried and unsafe. Government all around the world should take safety measures to tackle this situation by increasing job positions and planting more policemen and placing number of CCTV on streets.

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