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  • Yanshi

    October 27, 2021 at 6:32 PM

    In some nations, the frequency of serious crimes is on a decline. However, people are still concerned for their protection than ever before, with no sigh of relief. There could be several considerable reasons for safety concerns and this essay will ponder over some of them.

    In a lot of third world and underdeveloped nations, there is an underlying problem of corruption and complacency among the government servants, for instance ministers and police officers, which leads to development of unsatisfactory laws and terrible justice system. A vast number of victims are denied the justice they deserve, with their perpetuators roaming free, without any action being held against them. This issue becomes even more obnoxious if the victim belongs to a lower section of the society, where he is projected to extreme tortures. This leads to the feelings of mistrust, fear and concern.

    In order to combat the situation and get the citizens to trust the officials, the government needs to make serious reforms to curb the corruption. Serious amendments need to be made to make sure the laws passed are righteous and in best favor of each and every citizen, without isolating any section of the society. Often, there is a sense of terror in the minds of common citizens, surrounding the officials and cops, exclusively because of the probable treatment they might get subjected to. This leads to hesitance and under-reporting of crimes. This fear needs to fade away by making it more comfortable and convenient for people to report any malicious activity.

    In conclusion, the decreasing rate of serious crimes is not an assurance of safety for the common citizens, as long as they cannot be ensured of equal judgment and fair delivery of justice. In order to rip them off this hesitance and concern, they need to be provided with satisfactory and righteous treatment.

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