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  • Sheeba

    October 27, 2021 at 9:14 PM

    The rates of crimes are decreasing in some countries but, people feel less safe than ever before. This essay will discuss the reason of this problem and the steps to be taken to solve it.

    To begin with, in earlier days, women are not allowed to go out after six in the evening. During those days they faced many social injustices. Now women are working in all the fields and working equally to men. Even though the crimes reduced, they feel less safe. It is because of the crime which occurs somewhere in the country has an impact on their mind. Parents are much worried about their children and they feed fear to their children. Media is one of the main reasons to spread fear among people.

    In addition to that, to overcome this fear, awareness has to be spread among people. Motivational videos help people to come out of their shell. Fear and doubt about the neighbors increase the fear. It is every one’s responsibility to ensure other’s safety. Even though crime is less, some people are scared due to the lack of security. Many patrols have to be available at certain distance. If any person feels insecure, it will be ease for them to approach cop. An application has to be developed for the safety purpose and this application has to be connected with GPS. If anyone is in danger, then a signal through GPS will intimate to nearby police station.

    To conclude with, movies play a vital role to spread fear in the society. People confuse their life with movies and they are scared. The security has to be increased among people to get rid of fear.

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