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  • Vimi

    October 28, 2021 at 12:16 PM

    The pie charts illustrate the reasons for choosing a bicycle or a vehicle to reach their workplace respectively. Overall, comfort is the primary reason given by people who prefer to travel by car while health and fitness, and less pollution are major reasons for those cycling to work.

    To begin with, people who travel by car states (state) comfort as the major reason for driving to work and this reason stands at 40%. The second highest reason for motor users is the distance to work which stands (at) approximately 21%. While the major factors for people who cycle to work are health and fitness and pollution reduction which accounts 30% each.

    Other factors for car users include faster than cycling, need to carry things to work and safer than cycling (which) accounts for 14% for the first two reasons and 11% for the last one. Similarly, no parking problems, no costs and faster than driving together share almost one third (30%) of the reasons for cycling to work.

    165 words


    The introduction is satisfactory with a paraphrase and a general overview . The response is well structured and coherent though the language of comparision and contrast can be used in a better way. Use of vocabulary too needs improvement by using some uncommon lexical words. Grammar errors though less are seen in the response and have been marked in bold.

    Band Score : 2/3

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